Hiking and Birding in Valle de Echo (Pyrenees)

Although we are at the end of April (2013), this year there are a lot of snow in the Pyrenees. It melts, but still a lot, and at relatively low levels for this time of year. So this hike, although I have been enjoying the spring Pyrenees, has been a little failure in mountaineer. I wanted to go up from Selva de Oza until Anzotiello Pass and back by that of Petraficha Pass. But even going with snow rackets, had another chip in my mind, and I decided to stay by the Valley of Acherito.



 Birdwatching (and wildlife in general) have not been very varied in terms of number of species, but in terms of quality. Well, to me, meybe all mountain species are “of quality”. Some chamoises still winter fur. One does not stray more than a few meters … meybe is a bit old one. Groundhogs already awake, and very active. His snapper are heard everywhere. One of them has been particularly funny. I was leaning against a stone lying, throwing half nap in the sun, when I caught a little head, full of curiosity, looked barricaded behind a boulder.


For birds, the ubiquitous Black Redstart, Common Chaffinch, Alpine Chough, and others who do not identify. That said, little variety. They have not reached the aegyptian vultures, and griffon vultures are not. Yes, I enjoy watching a Red Kite particularly active, and the magnificent and majestic Bearded Vulture planning at low altitude.

In the valley I entertain a while amaze with the remains of trees totally destroyed by an avalanche. Often destructive power. And looking around in puddles, some of which are already filled with frog eggs and small tadpoles.



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