Coloured Frogs: Ranitomeya species

When I started researching frogs of the genus Ranitomeya to make a collection of figurines, I felt a bit overwhelmed by its variety. So I decided to make a selection. I relied on anything in particular, maybe only in that there was a certain representation.

Ranitomeya is a genus of dart frogs or dendrobatids, ie those beautiful but terrible poisonous frogs of Central and South America. Ranitomeya frogs are small, about 2 cm and have bright colors. They live in the Amazon rainforest.

In addition to the photos of the figurines themselves, I put pictures of the figures in hand, to appreciate its size.

If you want to buy any, you can find them in my store.

R fantastica Lowland 03

Ranitomeya fantastica Lowland

R fantastica Nominal 04

Ranitomeya fantastica Nominal

R fantastica Nominal mano

Ranitomeya fantastica Nominal

R benedicta 03

Ranitomeya benedicta

R benedicta mano

Ranitomeya benedicta

R biolat 02

Ranitomeya biolat

R fantastica Orange Blue 02

Ranitomeya fantastica Orange Blue

R fantastica Orange Blue mano

Ranitomeya fantastica Orange Blue

R fantastica Reticulada 03

Ranitomeya fantastica Reticulada

R fantastica White Banded 04

Ranitomeya fantastica White Banded

R imitator Huallaga 02

Ranitomeya imitator Huallaga

R imitator Nominal 03

Ranitomeya imitator Nominal

R imitator Tarapoto 02

Ranitomeya imitator Tarapoto

R imitator Tarapoto mano

Ranitomeya imitator Tarapoto

R lamasi Bajo Ucayali 02

Ranitomeya lamasi Bajo Ucayali

R lamasi Panguana Naranja

Ranitomeya lamasi Panguana Orange

R lamasi Panguana Verde

Ranitomeya lamasi Panguana Green

R reticulata 02

Ranitomeya reticulata

R summersi 03

Ranitomeya summersi

R uakarii 02

Ranitomeya uakarii

R vanzolini 02

Ranitomeya vanzolini

R variabilis Nominal 03

Ranitomeya variabilis Nominal

R ventrimaculata 05

Ranitomeya ventrimaculata

Galileo Ramos Wildlife Artist

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