Animal Replica: Frogs, Toads, Salamanders and other Amphibians replicas

Here are some pictures of my collection of replicas (or figures, as I call them) of frogs and toads of various species, as well as some urodels. My collection of frogs and toads consists of nearly 100 different replicas, more if you count the salamanders and newts. Therefore only get a few.

All are handmade by me and all you can find in my Store, if you want to buy any.

Colec Dend auratus 2 Colec Oophaga pumilio 2

Colec Ranitomeya 2

Discoglossus pictus

Alytes sp huevos

Brachycephalus 2

C cornuta Verde Macho 10

C cornuta Marrón Pareja 03

Sal salamandra A 01 Ret Peq

Triturus pygmaeus A 06

D tinctorius Cobalto 12

R fantastica Nominal mano

Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis 06

Pleurodeles waltl 18

Eurycea longicauda 01


The Galileo Ramos Store

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