Gifts for dendrobatids and frogs fans

In view of the success they are having my frogs figures , I write this post to recommend to those who have a friend or relative and is fan of frogs, consider giving some of my figurines . I know it sounds a bit pretentious and is ugly that I say this, but it´s true they are having much success.

Maybe the person is fan of dendrobatids , and has terrariums ; can be passionate about frogs and toads in their variety of sizes and colors; can be a naturalist and show a predilection for these creatures … There are plenty of possibilities that give him a figure of these is a sure hit .

I remember all of them are my work (Galileo Ramos) , from modeling to painting , and all are signed.

From here I invite you to stroll through the blog, where you can see pictures of many of my figures , or visit my websiteat these links:

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Colec Oophaga pumilio 2

Oophaga pumilio figures collection

Colec Ranitomeya 1

Ranitomeya species figures collection

Colec Dend auratus 2

Dendrobates auratus figures collection

D tinctorius Boulanger 01

Dendrobates tinctorius Boulanger figure


Gifts for Birdwatchers and Nature Lovers

Does your partner is an ornithologist or birdwatcher and you do not know what to give? Do you have a ornithologist or birdwatcher friend and want to make a gift? Or a fan of frogs? Or from terrariums? Or a nature lover? Well, here you can find a lot of gifts that give. From a unique brooch or pin, to a sculpture of a bird or a totally original painting-sculpture, all made and painted entirely by hand by renowned nature artist Galileo Ramos. You can be sure that be right. You can browse this blog, or better yet, take directly out

Galileo Ramos Website

Or you can send me an message and both discuss what can be more successful.


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